Kanghyo LEE

The 2017 conference featured a unique live art performance by Master Korean Ceramicist Kanghyo LEE.

Making Futures delegates and visitors to Mount Edgcumbe park saw LEE hand build one of his signature large-scale vessels over a period of four days, sometimes assisted by students from local schools, and ending with a live slip decoration performance on Thursday 21 September, 2017.

Here we present a video recording of the building of the vessel and the final slip decoration performance, along with an essay on Kanghyo LEE by the Korean curator and academic, Dr. Jungwon Park, Seoul Women's University, Seoul, Korea.

Note, this video has been created in 360° video and sound, for best enjoyment listen with headphones and rotate the screen freely to explore.

'Kanghyo LEE: A Life’s Devotion in Search of Buncheong’s Beauty' by Dr. Jungwon Park

Full Paper PDF

Making Futures would like to acknowledge the support of the Arts Council England, and the Goldmark Gallery, in supporting the original event.