Thematic Sessions

Each edition of the Making Futures journal brings together a spectrum of peer-reviewed and selected speaker responses to the IV edition ‘Making Futures: Return of the Maker…’ headline theme. These contributions are organised through the three Research Workshops, the Digital Crafting Panel, and six Thematic Sessions to which they correspond as downloadable PDF papers with authors appearing in alphabetical order.

1. Lifecycles of Material Worlds - Sustainability in Practice

Will investigate the ways in which practitioners are proactively exploring sustainably engaged projects and practices. These initiatives might involve new materials innovation and/or pursue localised sourcing; perhaps incorporating cradle-to-cradle design and make strategies, or associated approaches of make and mend, re-cycling, up-cycling, re-use, and sharing.

Boulesteix, Madeleine

Over twenty years of making upcycled chandeliers

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Fairbanks, Marianne

Solar Textiles: Collaborating to Craft a Powerful Cloth

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Harper, Alison

Yet more re:words Reverberations and Resistances

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Lambert, Ian

Critical Making with Aluminium Sandcasting: Design Practice into Practice-led Research

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Mottram, Alexa

Attachment to Green Products: A Case Study of Leather Slippers made from Reclaimed Materials

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Paoliello, Carla

Relations Between Identity and Landscape in Brazilin Craftwork

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Pittman, Lois

The Designer-makers Craft - ecologically principled practice.

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Roberts, Christine

Above Ground - Post-Consumerism and the Designer-Maker

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Singleton, Paul

Mud to Lux

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Tyler, Joanne

Temporary Craft; All You'll Ever Need Is Here.

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Visser, Andy | Wolton, Paula | Miller, Liz

One Hut Full - Woolly yarns in a contemporary context

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2. Craft in an Expanded Field

Increasingly we hear of medical researchers ‘crafting’ 3D individualised body parts and structures, often using 3D printing and growing techniques. These approaches shade into biologically customised compounds that work at molecular levels… Meanwhile, Sennett famously speaks of the craft of Linux programmers, and Crawford that of motorcycle mechanics.

Charnley, Kim

Theaster Gate's Dorchester Projects and The Craft Paradigm

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Jessop, Michelle

Sensorial Sensibility: Crafting Relational Strategies in Contemporary Jewellery Display

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Kinnunen, Nora

Craft beyond craft: the transformative potential of craft's resilience

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Macpherson, Polly | Smith, Phil

Choosing materials for a guiding of things

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Robins, Freddie

The Perfectly Imperfect

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Smitheram, Miranda

Haptic acts of making: a surface imaging design practice using digital and virtual tools.

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3. Critical Perspectives on Producers and Consumers

What are the historically informed critical-cultural and economic perspectives that help define practitioners and consumers in relation to the political economies of industrialisation in its Fordist and post-Fordist phases? How are these psychological positions and desiring economies evolving with regards to a future in which environmental sustainability becomes a key (if not singularly the key) operative paradigm?

Cassidy, Tracy

The Value of Design in Craft for a More Sustainable Future

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Keyte, Julia

Objects in Purgatory and Hardware Hopes

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Reubens, Rebecca

To Craft, By Design, For Sustainability: Deconstructing craft as an input into constructing sustainability design

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4. Translations Across Local-Global Divides

What are the tensions and flows expressed in craft and design-to-make production and consumption in the ‘post-colonial’ contexts of contemporary global capitalism and its possible futures? For example, in the context of contemporary China, craft and design are fields in which the meanings of past, present and future, of private and public competencies and their boundaries and interactions, are contested and negotiated...

Cho, Hyeyoung

The Significance of Biennales

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Clifford, Ruth

Design Education and Handloom Weaving in India

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Hanson, Maria | Levick-Parkin, Melanie

Create & Connect: Empowering female artisan craft makers in Zanzibar through design thinking.

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Jung, Jeyon | Walker, Stuart | Evans, Martyn

DESIGN ROOTS AND CREATIVE ECOLOGIES: Understanding culturally significant designs, products and practices

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Mohd Rashid, Aiman | Meagher, Mark | Lawrence, Ranald

Reverse-Engineering Culture: Recovering Traditional Craft Practices In Malay Housebuilding

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Newnham, Kate | Brown, Helen | Blakey, Claire

Ahead of the Curve: new china from China

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Rhodes, Sarah

Reframing Collaboration through the Craft of Ubuntu: Design Students Collaborating with Artisans

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White, Christopher

Bark-cloth drifting: The migration of Pacific woodblock prints, arising hybrid forms and digital counterparts

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Younan, Sarah

Remixing the Past: Memory objects in a digital realm

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5. Materials & Processes of Making

Where does craft, and making more generally, sit in relation to, on the one hand, the reinvention or repurposing of older technologies and materials, and new emerging materials and media on the other? Do traditional craft methods necessarily provide for more ecologically sustainable practices than modern industrial systems? And what relationships are there, or might there be, between craft and small-scale making practices and advanced technological models of production...

Bamford, Roderick

Accident, determinism and hermeneutics: relationships between analogue and digital fabrication

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Ionascu, Adriana

Modelling Form: Ways of Making, Hybrid Crafting

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Joseph, Frances | Smitheram, Miranda | Kalyanji, Jyoti

Fluid Materialities: Physical and digital modes of textile making

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McEntaggart, Patrick | Levick-Parkin, Melanie | Wood, Johnny

Making the Transient Permanent - Exploring the translation of personal data into material forms via the 3D printing of memory objects.

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Moore, Rachelle | Smith, Amanda

The Transference of Craft to Digital Knowledge through the Medium of Knitted Textiles

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Murphy, Ingrid | Pigott, Jon

The Campanologists Teacup: A Creative Collaboration of Technology and Making

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6. Making Thinking – Crafting Education

Most will agree that a better future depends significantly on whether we can successfully educate younger generations to appreciate the importance of natural systems, the social structures dependent upon them, and how to live creatively, adapt and innovate, within a context of finite energy and material resources. Purposive engagement with materials through art, craft and making, as forms of concrete problem solving are championed as learning platforms that can engender these values...

Bennett, Julia

Trends in craft education and the value attached to craft.

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Bernabei, Roberta | Cappellieri, Alba | Ugur Yavuz, Secil | Tenuta, Livia

CAD/CAM and Jewellery Design Education

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Bisco, Matthew

The Making Project

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Boyes, Alma

The value, relevance and sustainability of ‘craft skilling’ in Higher Education today.

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England, Lauren

Social Networks and Networked Institutions in Contemporary Glassmaking Careers

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Haase, Jeffrey

How Temporary Space Can Create Permanent Knowledge: “The Shrink Happening”

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Hasdoğan, Gülay | Hasdoğan, Mustafa

Empowering Craftspeople by Reinforcing Design Skills: The Case of a Design Training Course for Woodworking in Kastamonu, Turkey

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Lambert, Ian | Iliopoulou, Tatiana

Diverting Textile Waste from Landfill with Crafted Objects

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Lawry, John

Making Futures - A Bespoke Life

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McAllister, Helen

Making / Thinking - the craft of education

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Shercliff, Emma

Collectively making thinking spaces using drawing and stitching

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Stewart, Hannah | Tooze, James

Future Makespaces and redistributed manufacturing

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